How to share your Wi-Fi network safely

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Are you the type to easily share your Wi-Fi network with your friends? Some precautions are necessary so that this generosity does not turn to the operation open doors!

Without security measures, anyone who owns the Wi-Fi password from your Internet box is able to browse the hard drive of your computer and the folders you share. Worse, it becomes quite possible to use the IP address of the box to make illegal downloads for which you would be held responsible! Here are some tips to protect your network.

Make the network invisible
The best precaution is to make sure that your Wi-Fi is not detectable when a user searches on their phone. Internet boxes provide an option to block the broadcast of your network name. It is usually found in the Wi-Fi Settings under the name Broadcast SSID or Hide SSID.

Change password regularly
To minimize the risk of intrusion, also take the good habit of renewing the Wi-Fi security key every month or every two months. Repeat the process if you are organizing a party where you have communicated the code to your guests. The change of the password is made from the management interface of the box, accessible from a web browser.

Set time slots for Wi-Fi access
No Wi-Fi, no intrusion! It’s common sense, but just cut the wireless access point of your box when you’re not at home to limit the risk of hacking or misuse. Advanced configuration options for recent Internet boxes allow you to set time slots for Wi-Fi activity.

Open a network for the use of your guests
No way to refuse a little Wi-Fi to friends passing. To prevent you from communicating the password of your network, the Orange Livebox 4 and the box SFR Fiber offer to create a wireless network reserved for guests. This provides access to the Internet, but does not offer a gateway to the main network and your personal data. Once on the administration interface of the box, activate the tab corresponding to Wi-Fi. Activate and configure the guest network by renaming the access point and customizing the password. You only have to disable this access point once the evening is over!

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