NetSuite Transaction Status List that we use in saved search filter using SuiteScript


This list will likely grow as NetSuite enhances its API and transaction capacity(We will try to update it here as well):

ie: var filter = []; filter.push(new nlobjSearchFilter(‘status’, ‘null’, ‘anyof’, [‘CashSale:C’]));

 Cash Sale:Unapproved Payment CashSale:A
 Cash Sale:Not Deposited CashSale:B
 Cash Sale:Deposited CashSale:C
 Check:Voided Check:V
 Check:Online Bill Pay Pending Accounting Approval Check:Z
 Commission:Pending Payment Commissn:A
 Commission:Overpaid Commissn:O
 Commission:Pending Accounting Approval Commissn:P
 Commission:Rejected by Accounting Commissn:R
 Commission:Paid in Full Commissn:X
 Statement Charge:Open CustChrg:A
 Statement Charge:Paid In Full CustChrg:B
 Credit Memo:Open CustCred:A
 Credit Memo:Fully Applied CustCred:B
 Customer Deposit:Not Deposited CustDep:A
 Customer Deposit:Deposited CustDep:B
 Customer Deposit:Fully Applied CustDep:C
 Invoice:Open CustInvc:A
 Invoice:Paid In Full CustInvc:B
 Payment:Unapproved Payment CustPymt:A
 Payment:Not Deposited CustPymt:B
 Payment:Deposited CustPymt:C
 Customer Refund:Voided CustRfnd:V
 Quote:Open Estimate:A
 Quote:Processed Estimate:B
 Quote:Closed Estimate:C
 Quote:Voided Estimate:V
 Quote:Expired Estimate:X
 Expense Report:In Progress ExpRept:A
 Expense Report:Pending Supervisor Approval ExpRept:B
 Expense Report:Pending Accounting Approval ExpRept:C
 Expense Report:Rejected by Supervisor ExpRept:D
 Expense Report:Rejected by Accounting ExpRept:E
 Expense Report:Approved by Accounting ExpRept:F
 Expense Report:Approved (Overridden) by Accounting ExpRept:G
 Expense Report:Rejected (Overridden) by Accounting ExpRept:H
 Expense Report:Paid In Full ExpRept:I
 Inventory Count:Open InvCount:A
 Inventory Count:Started InvCount:B
 Inventory Count:Completed/Pending Approval InvCount:C
 Inventory Count:Approved InvCount:D
 Item Fulfillment:Picked ItemShip:A
 Item Fulfillment:Packed ItemShip:B
 Item Fulfillment:Shipped ItemShip:C
 Journal:Pending Approval Journal:A
 Journal:Approved for Posting Journal:B
 Payroll Liability Check:Voided LiabPymt:V
 Opportunity:In Progress Opprtnty:A
 Opportunity:Issued Estimate Opprtnty:B
 Opportunity:Closed – Won Opprtnty:C
 Opportunity:Closed – Lost Opprtnty:D
 Paycheck:Undefined Paycheck:A
 Paycheck:Pending Tax Calculation Paycheck:C
 Paycheck:Pending Commitment Paycheck:D
 Paycheck:Committed Paycheck:F
 Paycheck:Preview Paycheck:P
 Paycheck:Reversed Paycheck:R
 Purchase Order:Pending Supervisor Approval PurchOrd:A
 Purchase Order:Pending Receipt PurchOrd:B
 Purchase Order:Rejected by Supervisor PurchOrd:C
 Purchase Order:Partially Received PurchOrd:D
 Purchase Order:Pending Billing/Partially Received PurchOrd:E
 Purchase Order:Pending Bill PurchOrd:F
 Purchase Order:Fully Billed PurchOrd:G
 Purchase Order:Closed PurchOrd:H
 Return Authorization:Pending Approval RtnAuth:A
 Return Authorization:Pending Receipt RtnAuth:B
 Return Authorization:Cancelled RtnAuth:C
 Return Authorization:Partially Received RtnAuth:D
 Return Authorization:Pending Refund/Partially Received RtnAuth:E
 Return Authorization:Pending Refund RtnAuth:F
 Return Authorization:Refunded RtnAuth:G
 Return Authorization:Closed RtnAuth:H
 Sales Order:Pending Approval SalesOrd:A
 Sales Order:Pending Fulfillment SalesOrd:B
 Sales Order:Cancelled SalesOrd:C
 Sales Order:Partially Fulfilled SalesOrd:D
 Sales Order:Pending Billing/Partially Fulfilled SalesOrd:E
 Sales Order:Pending Billing SalesOrd:F
 Sales Order:Billed SalesOrd:G
 Sales Order:Closed SalesOrd:H
 Tax Liability Cheque:Voided TaxLiab:V
 Sales Tax Payment:Voided TaxPymt:V
 Sales Tax Payment:Online Bill Pay Pending Accounting Approval TaxPymt:Z
 Tegata Payable:Endorsed TegPybl:E
 Tegata Payable:Issued TegPybl:I
 Tegata Payable:Paid TegPybl:P
 Tegata Receivables:Collected TegRcvbl:C
 Tegata Receivables:Discounted TegRcvbl:D
 Tegata Receivables:Endorsed TegRcvbl:E
 Tegata Receivables:Holding TegRcvbl:H
 Transfer Order:Pending Approval TrnfrOrd:A
 Transfer Order:Pending Fulfillment TrnfrOrd:B
 Transfer Order:Rejected TrnfrOrd:C
 Transfer Order:Partially Fulfilled TrnfrOrd:D
 Transfer Order:Pending Receipt/Partially Fulfilled TrnfrOrd:E
 Transfer Order:Pending Receipt TrnfrOrd:F
 Transfer Order:Received TrnfrOrd:G
 Transfer Order:Closed TrnfrOrd:H
 Vendor Return Authorization:Pending Approval VendAuth:A
 Vendor Return Authorization:Pending Return VendAuth:B
 Vendor Return Authorization:Cancelled VendAuth:C
 Vendor Return Authorization:Partially Returned VendAuth:D
 Vendor Return Authorization:Pending Credit/Partially Returned VendAuth:E
 Vendor Return Authorization:Pending Credit VendAuth:F
 Vendor Return Authorization:Credited VendAuth:G
 Vendor Return Authorization:Closed VendAuth:H
 Bill:Open VendBill:A
 Bill:Paid In Full VendBill:B
 Bill:Cancelled VendBill:C
 Bill:Pending Approval VendBill:D
 Bill:Rejected VendBill:E
 Cash Payment:Voided VendPymt:V
 Cash Payment:Online Bill Pay Pending Accounting Approval VendPymt:Z
 Work Order:Planning WorkOrd:A
 Work Order:Pending Build WorkOrd:B
 Work Order:Cancelled WorkOrd:C
 Work Order:In Process WorkOrd:D
 Work Order:Built WorkOrd:G
 Work Order:Closed WorkOrd:H

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