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There are many professionals who are learning Netsuite.  In this blog I am explaining some of projects and as per demand I will write such post related to Projects.

Netsuite is an ERP product but not limited to ERP only, Netsuite can be used for CRM as well as ECommerce.

Understanding Standard Record Type and Custom Record Type

There are few Standard Records Type which Netsuite provides by default and we can use create our OWN Custom Record Type as per our need. If you want to see all Standard Objects which Netsuite Provides and we can write script then click here.  All standard record type has some meaning and used for specific functionality.

Example: Customer record type is used to save record and customer record is used in Sales Order, Item Fulfillment , Invoice, Customer Payment, Customer Deposit , Credit Memo, Return Authorization etc.

Standard Record Type can be used in Custom Records also, make a List/Record type field and use standard record type .

Netsuite have many products like ERP , CRM etc which has Order Management, Production Management

As a Newbie, learn process flow, how and which records are used in related Product. If you understand process then it will be easy for you to customize it and write code also.

Netsuite is one of the best software in the Market which provides us customization feature. We can customize it and it’s processes as per our need but it has some limitations like: restrictions to process no. of records at a time, Script execution time limitation, API usage limitation etc.

Some Projects:

1. Customize Form with New Fields, Tabs.

This is one of the most common project or task you are going to do in day to day life. To store more and more data and make already store data more sense we need fields. Fields which belongs to specific functionality should be under related Tabs or Field Groups. I will write Post related to creating fields, tabs and field group later in coming week.

2. Populating Field values from one record to another related record based on some criteria. For Example:

Suppose there is field on Sales Order with label SR No. which should be sourced from Customer Record. So value should in Custom record also. In this case there are 3 ways to complete this task,

a)While creating SR No. field on Sales order update Sourcing and Filtering and when ever new Sales order gets created or customer on Sales order gets changed it will populate value from Customer to Sales order, but this will not work if you want to copy any existing Sales Order.Sourcing and Filtering never work on copy of record.

b) Write Workflow which should work on create and update and write Set Field Value on before load action and field change to get value from customer and set in Sales Order.

c) Write Script to populate value from customer to sales order.

3. Automation of Process:

Assume in a Company , there is a requirement where when ever any order comes based on some logic , approve it automatically in some case fulfill it as well as invoice it automatically . These type of projects/task can be done by scripting. So Now a developer will first check for condition and if it matches will approve it first then fulfill it and then invoice it.

Same way any process can be automated. Like creating History tracking custom record if any field gets changes(set of fields), Or Email Notifications etc.

4. Creating functionality which can be used by outside applications to connect Netsuite.

Assume a requirement where some other system (lets say a some analytics tool) want to use some of sales order details and show on their charts. How ever Netsuite has web services(Suite Talk) but we can use Netsuite scripting also.

      There are 2 ways we can send data back based on requirement.

        1. Suitelet

        2. Restlet

Restlets are more secure and require authorization to call Netsuite. Suitelets don’t require any password to see data, so if possible try to avoid this for sensitive data.

5. Sending Data Out of Netsuite or Inside Netsuite’s Suitelet

Lets assume, there is a requirement where when ever on Customer Record gets updates and email phone and few other field gets changed, then send data to SFDC.

To achieve this

a) We need one SFDC URL where Netsuite scripts will send data and SFDC will update related Account.

b) We have to write User Event Script to get old and new field value and if field’s value is changed then send data to SFDC URL . While sending data to SFDC make sure script is sending data in required format like XML or json which ever is required.

c) Key element here is unique key. It can be Netsuite internal id stored in SFDC or SFDC Account’s internal id stored in Netsuite. This unique key help in finding related record and then update that particular record only.

Always use unique key when you connect 2 applications. In case requirement is to create record then also this unique key will help. Logic should be like if no Unique key then create record, else update record.

6. Creating PDF in Netsuite:

Netsuite provide standard functionality as well as advance PDF to update PDF for record but you can right your own PDF using Script if logic is too complex.

In Netsuite, creating PDFs are also common projects, companies need custom developed pdfs based on requirements.

7. Sending Email:

In Netsuite, you can customize in a way to send email based on your requirement, simple example can be if you want to know when ever new customer gets created in Netsuite send email to some email id.

Companies require email as a part of Notification to notify periodically. This is also a common task in Netsuite.

8. Sending PDF or HTML in email as Attachment or HTML as body:

You can use point 6 for creating pdf or html and then use point 7 for email, Netsuite provide api to attach PDF or HTML or any document. Also email can be simple text or HTML body also. Very common functionality popular in companies.

9.Populating Survey URLs or some URL with dynamic data from Record:

Lets say you have a URL of some application which is using URL’s parameter to show data in application, and you are require to show some of data from record in predefined parameters, then you have to write a user event(in case you need change at that moment) or schedule script to update record periodically.

Script will get data from Netsuite’s Record and create URL with proper data related to parameter key.

10. Making Reports:

Netsuite Provide Searches and Reports functionality to create Report, Reports and Saved Searches uses Filters to apply criteria to see data. This is very very common in day to day Task.These reports and Saved searches are used to show meaningful data from Netsuite. Very useful for Management to make decision based on data they are seeing in Reports. Searches and Reports can be used in form of graphs and pie charts also. You can download these to send in email or upload into another system.

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