Create a link to view Transaction search results using Summary “GROUP”


Create the Transaction Saved Search.
1. Navigate to Lists> Search > Saved Search> New & then search Transaction and click on the Transaction link.
2. On the Criteria tab
***Type=Sales Order
***Main line = F
2. On the Results tab add the formula below.
***Insert a new line on top of the list of fields on the Results tab.
***Select the field “Formula (Text)”
***Set Summary type to “Group”
***On the Formula field, copy and paste the following:

to_char(‘<a href=https://’ ||’’ ||{internalid}|| ‘&e=T>Edit</a>’)||’ | ‘||to_char(‘<a href=https://’ || ‘’ ||{internalid}|| ‘>View</a>’)

***Add the other fields you want to show on the report then set the corresponding Summary Type.

Note: Change the URL as per your need.

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