How to get Country Code as US or AU using integer id in Netsuite Suite Script 2.0 ?


Hi All,

There are many place where you use custom list field “Country”. There you will be getting country id as integer number. But in standard Country list you will be able to see country’s short codes. Here I am giving you a code that you can use to get the short code of country through integer id.

function getCountryCodeByNum(num)
    var arrcountry = new Array();
    arrcountry[0] = new Array(“AF”,3);
    arrcountry[1] = new Array(“AX”,247);
    arrcountry[2] = new Array(“AL”,6);
    arrcountry[3] = new Array(“DZ”,62);
    arrcountry[4] = new Array(“AS”,12);
    arrcountry[5] = new Array(“AD”,1);
    arrcountry[6] = new Array(“AO”,9);
    arrcountry[7] = new Array(“AI”,5);
    arrcountry[8] = new Array(“AQ”,10);
    arrcountry[9] = new Array(“AG”,4);
    arrcountry[10] = new Array(“AR”,11);
    arrcountry[11] = new Array(“AM”,7);
    arrcountry[12] = new Array(“AW”,15);
    arrcountry[13] = new Array(“AU”,14);
    arrcountry[14] = new Array(“AT”,13);
    arrcountry[15] = new Array(“AZ”,16);
    arrcountry[16] = new Array(“BS”,31);
    arrcountry[17] = new Array(“BH”,23);
    arrcountry[18] = new Array(“BD”,19);
    arrcountry[19] = new Array(“BB”,18);
    arrcountry[20] = new Array(“BY”,35);
    arrcountry[21] = new Array(“BE”,20);
    arrcountry[22] = new Array(“BZ”,36);
    arrcountry[23] = new Array(“BJ”,25);
    arrcountry[24] = new Array(“BM”,27);
    arrcountry[25] = new Array(“BT”,32);
    arrcountry[26] = new Array(“BO”,29);
    arrcountry[27] = new Array(“BA”,27);
    arrcountry[28] = new Array(“BW”,34);
    arrcountry[29] = new Array(“BV”,33);
    arrcountry[30] = new Array(“BR”,30);
    arrcountry[31] = new Array(“IO”,106);
    arrcountry[32] = new Array(“BN”,28);
    arrcountry[33] = new Array(“BG”,22);
    arrcountry[34] = new Array(“BF”,21);
    arrcountry[35] = new Array(“BI”,24);
    arrcountry[36] = new Array(“KH”,117);
    arrcountry[37] = new Array(“CM”,46);
    arrcountry[38] = new Array(“CA”,37);
    arrcountry[39] = new Array(“IC”,249);
    arrcountry[40] = new Array(“CV”,53);
    arrcountry[41] = new Array(“KY”,124);
    arrcountry[42] = new Array(“CF”,40);
    arrcountry[43] = new Array(“EA”,248);
    arrcountry[44] = new Array(“TD”,212);
    arrcountry[45] = new Array(“CL”,45);
    arrcountry[46] = new Array(“CN”,47);
    arrcountry[47] = new Array(“CX”,54);
    arrcountry[48] = new Array(“CC”,38);
    arrcountry[49] = new Array(“CO”,48);
    arrcountry[50] = new Array(“KM”,119);
    arrcountry[51] = new Array(“CD”,39);
    arrcountry[52] = new Array(“CG”,41);
    arrcountry[53] = new Array(“CK”,44);
    arrcountry[54] = new Array(“CR”,49);
    arrcountry[55] = new Array(“CI”,43);
    arrcountry[56] = new Array(“HR”,98);
    arrcountry[57] = new Array(“CU”,52);
    arrcountry[58] = new Array(“CY”,55);
    arrcountry[59] = new Array(“CZ”,56);
    arrcountry[60] = new Array(“DK”,59);
    arrcountry[61] = new Array(“DJ”,58);
    arrcountry[62] = new Array(“DM”,60);
    arrcountry[63] = new Array(“DO”,61);
    arrcountry[64] = new Array(“TP”,221);
    arrcountry[65] = new Array(“EC”,63);
    arrcountry[66] = new Array(“EG”,65);
    arrcountry[67] = new Array(“SV”,208);
    arrcountry[68] = new Array(“GQ”,88);
    arrcountry[69] = new Array(“ER”,67);
    arrcountry[70] = new Array(“EE”,64);
    arrcountry[71] = new Array(“ET”,69);
    arrcountry[72] = new Array(“FK”,72);
    arrcountry[73] = new Array(“FO”,74);
    arrcountry[74] = new Array(“FJ”,71);
    arrcountry[75] = new Array(“FI”,70);
    arrcountry[76] = new Array(“FR”,75);
    arrcountry[77] = new Array(“GF”,80);
    arrcountry[78] = new Array(“PF”,175);
    arrcountry[79] = new Array(“TF”,213);
    arrcountry[80] = new Array(“GA”,76);
    arrcountry[81] = new Array(“GM”,85);
    arrcountry[82] = new Array(“GE”,79);
    arrcountry[83] = new Array(“DE”,57);
    arrcountry[84] = new Array(“GH”,82);
    arrcountry[85] = new Array(“GI”,83);
    arrcountry[86] = new Array(“GR”,89);
    arrcountry[87] = new Array(“GL”,84);
    arrcountry[88] = new Array(“GD”,78);
    arrcountry[89] = new Array(“GP”,87);
    arrcountry[90] = new Array(“GU”,92);
    arrcountry[91] = new Array(“GT”,91);
    arrcountry[92] = new Array(“GG”,81);
    arrcountry[93] = new Array(“GN”,86);
    arrcountry[94] = new Array(“GW”,93);
    arrcountry[95] = new Array(“GY”,94);
    arrcountry[96] = new Array(“HT”,99);
    arrcountry[97] = new Array(“HM”,96);
    arrcountry[98] = new Array(“VA”,233);
    arrcountry[99] = new Array(“HN”,97);
    arrcountry[100] = new Array(“HK”,95);
    arrcountry[101] = new Array(“HU”,100);
    arrcountry[102] = new Array(“IS”,109);
    arrcountry[103] = new Array(“IN”,105);
    arrcountry[104] = new Array(“ID”,101);
    arrcountry[105] = new Array(“IR”,108);
    arrcountry[106] = new Array(“IQ”,107);
    arrcountry[107] = new Array(“IE”,102);
    arrcountry[108] = new Array(“IM”,104);
    arrcountry[109] = new Array(“IL”,103);
    arrcountry[110] = new Array(“IT”,110);
    arrcountry[111] = new Array(“JM”,112);
    arrcountry[112] = new Array(“JP”,114);
    arrcountry[113] = new Array(“JE”,111);
    arrcountry[114] = new Array(“JO”,113);
    arrcountry[115] = new Array(“KZ”,125);
    arrcountry[116] = new Array(“KE”,115);
    arrcountry[117] = new Array(“KI”,118);
    arrcountry[118] = new Array(“KP”,121);
    arrcountry[119] = new Array(“KR”,122);
    arrcountry[120] = new Array(“KW”,123);
    arrcountry[121] = new Array(“KG”,116);
    arrcountry[122] = new Array(“LA”,126);
    arrcountry[123] = new Array(“LV”,135);
    arrcountry[124] = new Array(“LB”,127);
    arrcountry[125] = new Array(“LS”,132);
    arrcountry[126] = new Array(“LR”,131);
    arrcountry[127] = new Array(“LY”,136);
    arrcountry[128] = new Array(“LI”,129);
    arrcountry[129] = new Array(“LT”,133);
    arrcountry[130] = new Array(“LU”,134);
    arrcountry[131] = new Array(“MO”,148);
    arrcountry[132] = new Array(“MK”,144);
    arrcountry[133] = new Array(“MG”,142);
    arrcountry[134] = new Array(“MW”,156);
    arrcountry[135] = new Array(“MY”,158);
    arrcountry[136] = new Array(“MV”,155);
    arrcountry[137] = new Array(“ML”,145);
    arrcountry[138] = new Array(“MT”,153);
    arrcountry[139] = new Array(“MH”,143);
    arrcountry[140] = new Array(“MQ”,150);
    arrcountry[141] = new Array(“MR”,151);
    arrcountry[142] = new Array(“MU”,154);
    arrcountry[143] = new Array(“YT”,243);
    arrcountry[144] = new Array(“MX”,157);
    arrcountry[145] = new Array(“FM”,73);
    arrcountry[146] = new Array(“MD”,139);
    arrcountry[147] = new Array(“MC”,138);
    arrcountry[148] = new Array(“MN”,147);
    arrcountry[149] = new Array(“ME”,140);
    arrcountry[150] = new Array(“MS”,152);
    arrcountry[151] = new Array(“MA”,137);
    arrcountry[152] = new Array(“MZ”,159);
    arrcountry[153] = new Array(“MM”,146);
    arrcountry[154] = new Array(“NA”,160);
    arrcountry[155] = new Array(“NR”,169);
    arrcountry[156] = new Array(“NP”,168);
    arrcountry[157] = new Array(“NL”,166);
    arrcountry[158] = new Array(“AN”,8);
    arrcountry[159] = new Array(“NC”,161);
    arrcountry[160] = new Array(“NZ”,171);
    arrcountry[161] = new Array(“NI”,165);
    arrcountry[162] = new Array(“NE”,162);
    arrcountry[163] = new Array(“NG”,164);
    arrcountry[164] = new Array(“NU”,170);
    arrcountry[165] = new Array(“NF”,163);
    arrcountry[166] = new Array(“MP”,149);
    arrcountry[167] = new Array(“NO”,167);
    arrcountry[168] = new Array(“OM”,172);
    arrcountry[169] = new Array(“PK”,178);
    arrcountry[170] = new Array(“PW”,185);
    arrcountry[171] = new Array(“PS”,183);
    arrcountry[172] = new Array(“PA”,173);
    arrcountry[173] = new Array(“PG”,176);
    arrcountry[174] = new Array(“PY”,186);
    arrcountry[175] = new Array(“PE”,174);
    arrcountry[176] = new Array(“PH”,177);
    arrcountry[177] = new Array(“PN”,181);
    arrcountry[178] = new Array(“PL”,179);
    arrcountry[179] = new Array(“PT”,184);
    arrcountry[180] = new Array(“PR”,182);
    arrcountry[181] = new Array(“QA”,187);
    arrcountry[182] = new Array(“RE”,188);
    arrcountry[183] = new Array(“RO”,189);
    arrcountry[184] = new Array(“RU”,190);
    arrcountry[185] = new Array(“RW”,191);
    arrcountry[186] = new Array(“BL”,26);
    arrcountry[187] = new Array(“SH”,198);
    arrcountry[188] = new Array(“KN”,120);
    arrcountry[189] = new Array(“LC”,128);
    arrcountry[190] = new Array(“MF”,141);
    arrcountry[191] = new Array(“VC”,234);
    arrcountry[192] = new Array(“WS”,241);
    arrcountry[193] = new Array(“SM”,203);
    arrcountry[194] = new Array(“ST”,207);
    arrcountry[195] = new Array(“SA”,192);
    arrcountry[196] = new Array(“SN”,204);
    arrcountry[197] = new Array(“RS”,50);
    arrcountry[198] = new Array(“CS”,51);
    arrcountry[199] = new Array(“SC”,194);
    arrcountry[200] = new Array(“SL”,202);
    arrcountry[201] = new Array(“SG”,197);
    arrcountry[202] = new Array(“SK”,201);
    arrcountry[203] = new Array(“SI”,199);
    arrcountry[204] = new Array(“SB”,193);
    arrcountry[205] = new Array(“SO”,205);
    arrcountry[206] = new Array(“ZA”,244);
    arrcountry[207] = new Array(“GS”,90);
    arrcountry[208] = new Array(“ES”,68);
    arrcountry[209] = new Array(“LK”,130);
    arrcountry[210] = new Array(“PM”,180);
    arrcountry[211] = new Array(“SD”,195);
    arrcountry[212] = new Array(“SR”,206);
    arrcountry[213] = new Array(“SJ”,200);
    arrcountry[214] = new Array(“SZ”,210);
    arrcountry[215] = new Array(“SE”,196);
    arrcountry[216] = new Array(“CH”,42);
    arrcountry[217] = new Array(“SY”,209);
    arrcountry[218] = new Array(“TW”,225);
    arrcountry[219] = new Array(“TJ”,216);
    arrcountry[220] = new Array(“TZ”,226);
    arrcountry[221] = new Array(“TH”,215);
    arrcountry[222] = new Array(“TG”,214);
    arrcountry[223] = new Array(“TK”,217);
    arrcountry[224] = new Array(“TO”,220);
    arrcountry[225] = new Array(“TT”,223);
    arrcountry[226] = new Array(“TN”,219);
    arrcountry[227] = new Array(“TR”,222);
    arrcountry[228] = new Array(“TM”,218);
    arrcountry[229] = new Array(“TC”,211);
    arrcountry[230] = new Array(“TV”,224);
    arrcountry[231] = new Array(“UG”,228);
    arrcountry[232] = new Array(“UA”,227);
    arrcountry[233] = new Array(“AE”,2);
    arrcountry[234] = new Array(“GB”,77);
    arrcountry[235] = new Array(“US”,230);
    arrcountry[236] = new Array(“UY”,231);
    arrcountry[237] = new Array(“UM”,229);
    arrcountry[238] = new Array(“UZ”,232);
    arrcountry[239] = new Array(“VU”,239);
    arrcountry[240] = new Array(“VE”,235);
    arrcountry[241] = new Array(“VN”,238);
    arrcountry[242] = new Array(“VG”,236);
    arrcountry[243] = new Array(“VI”,237);
    arrcountry[244] = new Array(“WF”,240);
    arrcountry[245] = new Array(“EH”,66);
    arrcountry[246] = new Array(“YE”,242);
    arrcountry[247] = new Array(“ZM”,245);
    arrcountry[248] = new Array(“ZW”,246);
    for(var i=0; i<arrcountry.length; i++){
        if(arrcountry[i][1] == num)
            return arrcountry[i][0];
    return null;

How to use this function:
Suppose you get 22 as country,
var countryNum = ’22’;//assign your country integer id here
var countryCode = getCountryCodeByNum(countryNum);
*** Result will be BG which is the internal id of country in Netsuite.

Navigate here to verify>>>  Setup-> Company-> Countries

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